OLTC Repair & Maintenance

AWS of Mintraching, near Regensburg, Germany maintains, repairs and replaces onload and off load tap changers, in many countries.

AWS is associated with Huaming of Shanghai …Huaming

Electric Systems staff have visited the factories of Huaming in Shanghai but do not provide an agency role for Huaming.

Electric Systems does act for AWS in assessing existing tap changer damage, procuring after market spare parts for tapchangers and quoting on new replacement for old tapchangers.

Tapchangers present a multitude of mechanical and material wear problems for the thousands of tapchangers in worldwide service. Transformers generally exhibit decades of service and their tapchangers may be out of production when the tapchanger fails. In some cases, lack of a new replacement tapchanger may result in the scrapping of an otherwise working transformer. AWS attend to such problems on a case by case basis.

AWS also hold stock and supply tapchanger spare parts and machine special parts for tapchangers and bushings.

Onload tapchangers are the largest accessory on a power transformer and continual switching processes generate stress and contamination on insulating oil.

AWS provide an online oil cleaning product to reduce oil contamination … Oil filter

AWS full catalogue listing all their activities can be seen here … AWS catalogue